Unique nights at the Vineyard


Full Moon Wine & Dine

Enjoy an afternoon walk around the vineyard in the company of our winemaker.
Visit the spirits cellar, the vegetable garden, the old pressing area and get all the information you need about local varieties and methods of production.

Learn about local winemaking, organic farming and how we try to achieve sustainability and to enhance biodiversity in the area.
Discover exactly just how important the moon cycle is to farming of all sorts and how it determines the life of producers.

You’ll then sit down together at the shared table for an extensive and delicious food and wine pairing session.
At each serving you will be presented with facts and stories about the products you taste.
Learn what Naxians eat, as well as why and when. Taste the dishes that help the island stand out as a foodie destination and discover its abundance in local produce and longstanding culinary traditions.

Find out the story behind each wine and winemaker and taste their products from a whole new perspective, while witnessing the beauty of the rising full moon in the background.

Enjoy a plentiful dinner made up with Naxian signature dishes and experience the Greek vineyard in your glass, in this tribute to local culture, gastronomy and natural wines.
Join us for an ode to the full moon, with a careful selection of 7 wines as the night’s only stars!

2024 Full Moon Dates: April 24 / May 23 / June 22 / July 21 / September 18

  • Starting time: 19:00

  • Duration: 4:00h

  • Reservation: 4-14 persons

  • Extended tour around the vineyard included


  • Wine tasting includes a selection of 7 natural wines (ranging from sparkling to dessert wines, organic and biodynamic) along with one local spirit to pair with dessert.

  • Dinner includes a variety of Naxian recipes: A set table with platters of local cheeses, olives, cold cuts and bread baskets, followed by 3 starters, one salad and two main courses (meaty & vegetarian)


New Moon Wine & Music

People that live in harmony with Nature often say that the New Moon is a significant phase of the moon cycle; a moment of a cosmic reset and a time for new beginnings.

The New Moon is the ideal moment to set new goals that you develop as the moon waxes toward fullness… And what better way to celebrate this eternal bond with our satellite, than with lots of wine and music?!

Once every month, Tranampelo Vineyard hosts music ensembles of various origins…!
Be it rock, funk, jazz, soul, or even neo-traditional music, the sky is the limit!

Take part in this unique monthly celebration and enjoy a night filled with wine & music, under the stars!

2024 New Moon dates: May 8 / June 6 / July 6 / August 4 / September 3


Tasting tour around the vineyard

Take a tour around Tranampelo vineyard with us to learn everything about winemaking in Greece. Visit the vines, the old press and our organic garden, then enjoy tasting amazing wines paired with delicious local food and create an unforgettable experience in the Greek countryside.