The Vineyard


Dating back to the 1800’s, Tranampelo vineyard is located in a region that was known as ‘Trana Ampelia’ (“Great Vines”), due to the intensity of wine making activities in that particular area of Glinado, Naxos. The last person to grow wine at Trana Ampelia was the family’s ancestor, nicknamed “Kaloeros”; a well-known wine producer among the local community. When he perished, the vineyard was left to its demise and had been resting for more than 50 years before our family decided to revive it, in 2005. True to the vineyard’s history and inspired by the land’s promising name, indicative of its potential, we decided to blend words together and name our new vineyard “Tranampelo”.


Keeping in mind local wine-making methods and inspired by the unique terroir of this island, we selected the most representative indigenous varieties of Naxos and the Cyclades;

Whites: Potamisi, Monemvasia, Aidani, Assyrtiko, Koundoura (Savatiano), Haraibraim
Reds: Fokiano, Mandilaria, Mavro Aidani, Mavro Potamisi, Mavrotragano


At 120m from sea level and facing North, our grapes are naturally infused with a salty Cycladic mist and find the ideal conditions for time-old traditions to take on new life, in fresh expressions of both famous and rare varieties.

The soil is sandy clay and the vineyard is outlined by rocky surroundings. Native herbs, fruit-bearing trees, roses, olive trees, prickly pears and oleanders create the perfect environment for our vines to grow. The vines are non-irrigated, resulting in a small wine production and full-bodied wines.

Our vineyard is organically cultivated and certified by DIO (ΔΗΩ = National Organization for the Inspection and Certification of Organic Produce).


A vegetable garden planted in the surroundings enhances biodiversity in the area and provides us with fresh produce, mainly used during the various gastronomic events and wine tasting sessions we host (since 2018). Tranampelo wines (Potamisi & Odd Blend) are part of a larger idea about achieving sustainability in farming and providing authentic “farm to table” experiences to visitors and locals alike.

At TRANAMPELO vineyard we believe in a holistic, “zero waste” approach, which is why we try to rediscover and produce as many by-products of the vine as possible, focusing mainly on grape molasses (“petimezi”), grape marc spirit (“strofilia”) and vinegar (“glykadi”). All our products and services are crafted with love and respect for Nature.


Tasting tour around the vineyard

Learn everything about winemaking in Greece, tour around Tranampelo vineyard, taste amazing wines paired with delicious food and enjoy an unforgettable experience.